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Chicago, Illinois

(815) 575-0265

I have an ambition to research, discover and share knowledge in human-computer interaction and user-centered design.

Affinity Diagraming

The following is a sample of my affinity diagramming experience.


The following is an affinity diagram I contributed to as a group member for the project User-Centered Research and Design: Cerberus Security. Click here to learn more about the project.



The Caretaker App - A prototype

This affinity diagram organized the features required for an app that helps care-giving users take care of their elderly loved ones. Click here to learn more about this prototype.


These affinity diagrams came from a generative research is to help volunteers find opportunities that fit their interests, that have the kind of impact they want, and that are positive, worthwhile experiences. Click here to learn more about this research.



This affinity diagram process comes from the formative research that explores the challenges faced by users who are blind as they interact with graphs through usability tests of graph descriptions with varying levels of detail. Each team member individually extracted quotes from the transcribed interviews for common and salient themes. We pooled our data using an affinity diagram and identified common themes. 

(Featured video is time lapse of our affinity diagram process using Stormboard, courtesy of team member Casey Hudetz)

Learning Brokering Affinity Diagram

The affinity diagram shown here demonstrates the work of the Digital Youth Network's Cyberlearning team. The team generated ideas that would increase and improve "learner brokering". Learning brokering is when a student finds new learning opportunities through the adults in their network. The objective of this affinity diagraming was to brainstorm around obstacles of and opportunities for brokering learning opportunities of parents, teachers and mentors in a child's network. Click here to learn more about Digital Youth Network's Cyberlearning.