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Chicago, Illinois

(815) 575-0265

I have an ambition to research, discover and share knowledge in human-computer interaction and user-centered design.

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Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction, with distinction, 2016


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and English, 2010



DIGITAL YOUTH NETWORK at Depaul University
Learning Experience Researcher
October 2016 – Present

  • Work across Digital Youth Network programs in school and out-of-school settings, and across different technical platforms, to help design for the learners and other stakeholders (youth and adults in the systems) in these instances through research, implementation, and recommendation. 
  • Data collection, analysis, and communication (including surveys and ethnographic methods, formative internal reports for DYN and funders, internal and external formal and informal presentations or other clear communications with team members and project partners, and summative academic conference and research papers).
  • Lead field research providing insights regarding the needs of end users, based on information that is generated from, or validated with, the research that person conducts with users.
  • Collaborate on learner-oriented design cycles for new technologies or interfaces (prototyping, testing with users, design specs, working with the development team, including models for information structure and using them to design user-friendly navigation and content categorization).
  • Participant observation during programming for youth (training and implementation of activities).
  • Manage undergraduate and graduate research assistants conducting usability studies.
  • Conducted weekly online ethnographies about student activity on the social learning network and performed in-person ethnographies of after school programs. 

MARCH 2015 – September 2016

  • Conducted weekly online ethnographies about student activity on the social learning network and performed in-person ethnographies of after school programs. 
  • Measured effectiveness of after school programs by administering assessment and surveys. Helped develop rubric for assessment questions.
  • Contributed to interviews by developing moderator guides and conducting interviews with instructors and mentors. 
  • Analyzes qualitative data using deductive coding of field notes, online ethnographies, interviews, and workshops. 
  • Creates memos and presentations outlining major themes of coded data. 
  • Moderated user tests of social learning network with students. 
  • Assisted with literature reviews, reference checks, proofreading and editing. 

Video Ethnography Data Analyst
fEBRUARY 2016 – APRIL 2016 

  • Conducted video analysis of users driving for client of mid-luxury vehicles. 
  • Coded videos for participant behaviors as they interacted with in-car features and external objects.
  • Helped develop the data collection process to ensure consistent results across all analysts.  
  • Assisted with data analysis of driver behaviors by delivering a report of synthesized, common themes.


  • Assisted research for the McCormick Foundation's Initiative for the Professional Development of Childcare Educators.
  • Collaborated with the team to develop an interview script; conducted interviews of educators in community organizations to understand the challenges of publicly aided childcare agencies; used data to generate profile of early childhood educators in Chicago; and presented on interview findings and project status.

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  • Media - I watch many, many TV shows and comedians, and if you run into me on the street, I will most likely be listening to podcasts, news, or music.
  • Camping and hiking with my dog, Donnie - he was adopted from the Chicago Canine Rescue. I was a camp counselor in East Troy, Wisconsin during high school and college where I taught sailing (...poorly, I opted for a "troubleshooting" approach).
  • Traveling - I spent a semester in Athens during undergrad, and have since squeezed in trips to London, Prague, and Istanbul, as well as visits to many US cities (so far the only ones that rival Chicago are Madison and St.Louis). The next place I'd love to go to is Belfast (followed by Barcelona and Berlin).
  • Baseball - as a spectator.
  • Volleyball - as an amateur player.
  • Pizza - eating and sometimes making.
  • Knitting hats and scarves.
  • Jigsaw puzzles and Tetris - which sometimes results in suffering from the Tetris effect.