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Chicago, Illinois

(815) 575-0265

I have an ambition to research, discover and share knowledge in human-computer interaction and user-centered design.


These are the personas I have created that served as a part of various research projects.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

The objective of this generative research is to help volunteers find opportunities that fit their interests, that have the kind of impact they want, and that are positive, worthwhile experiences. Our research team seeks to understand the behaviors of volunteers, including motivations and ulterior motives, how they find the activities, how time requirements factor into the scenario and what role technology plays. [Click here to learn more]



This project utilizes generative and formative research develop solutions for issues surrounding accessing secured areas. Taking the insights from user observations and interviews, we found that users are burdened by current security methods that require swipe cards or keypad codes. Based on these insights, the research team developed a paper prototype of a wearable device that interacts with a digital display mounted next to a door. This takes onus of accessing locked entrances off of the users. Design recommendations were created based on three iterations of user testing with the product.  [Read on]