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Chicago, Illinois

(815) 575-0265

I have an ambition to research, discover and share knowledge in human-computer interaction and user-centered design.


The following are prototypes that I have created during my masters program in Human Computer Interaction.

CareTaker Mobile App

This product was designed to help individuals who take care of family members by running errands or checking in on them periodically to see if they're okay. Caretaker App enables "caregivers" to connect with their "loved ones" by using a mobile app to send reminders or questions to their loved one's television. The app also enables the caregivers to respond to requests from their loved ones by ordering food or products to be delivered to their homes. This study was co-design with Ovetta Sampson. Together we created the following prototype to demonstrate how this app can support the needs of the caretaker.


In order to demonstrate this app, we created these designs in Photoshop and used Popapp to show the functionality. We recorded a video of the prototype to show how to set up a wellness check.



This project utilizes generative and formative research develop solutions for issues surrounding accessing secured areas. Taking the insights from user observations and interviews, we found that users are burdened by current security methods that require swipe cards or keypad codes. Based on these insights, the research team developed a paper prototype of a wearable device that interacts with a digital display mounted next to a door. This takes onus of accessing locked entrances off of the users. Design recommendations were created based on three iterations of user testing with the product.  Click here to learn more about the study